Your Natural Fertility

My Vision

"At Your Natural Fertility, we envisage a world in which people live in harmony with their body, mind and soul.

A world in which humans feel as part of nature again and are empowered to make their own educated decisions about their health, enabling them to conceive naturally and raise beautiful children.

People trust their body and feel secure with their health which allows them to be independent, self-thinking, proud and fearless individuals filled with love for each other and the world around them."

I am father of 4 children and live with my family in our home near Bern in Switzerland which was named “Villa Annaberg” by our oldest daughter.

Before I began to work in the practice of my wife, I attained my masters’ degree in science and worked in several positions in IT for which we travelled around the world before having children.

By the time that my wife and I started to think about children, we both had a more than stressful professional life which was very demanding on our bodies and minds.

My background in science and closeness to nature as well as the many cultural impressions made me think twice about conventional medicine when the time came to prepare ourselves for conceiving. We both wanted to conceive in a very conscious way, in closeness to nature. We felt that we owe this to our children. This is how we developed our Natural Fertility strategy.

Sparked by the results we saw for our own health and the logic, the science behind it, I started to get interested in human health, herbs, diets and related topics.

This, and our pronounced family life, laid the base for our decision to want to integrate our professional lives and help other couples do what we did, rather than to have separate careers of our own. And so my wife founded her practice which I started to learn and participate in.

This is where we share our knowledge with couples who want to conceive and how I work towards my vision.

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