Your Natural Fertility

I'm Jan-Willem

Master of Science - Natural Holistic Therapist - Fertility Coach

Helping you to take control of your health and maximise your chances of conception

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Whether you have fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, low sperm count or motility, or it just won’t work…

Or even if you just want to prepare yourself for pregnancy in a conscious way…

In our comprehensive coaching program you learn what you need to know to effectively regenerate your body, reach your full health potential and maximise your chances of conception.

You’ll do this in a fully natural way using your body’s own resources. No chemical drugs and no medical operations.

Yes, you can rebalance your hormonal system, get rid of fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, etc. in a natural way. Important is to find and disable the cause, rather than to just take away the symptom only for it to return later on.

And this is exactly what our program teaches you to do. You’ll learn to listen to and trust in your body and your body will regenerate to its full health potential in a sustainable way.

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Take Control over your own health

People who take care of their own health independently have a much higher chance to recover from any disease.

Fertility Coaching

The Your Natural Fertility coaching program is the smart way to deal with your fertility challenges. You’ll get more dependable and lasting results than with any medical treatment.

What Does Control Over Your Health Give You?

Enjoy a new feeling of security when you take control over your own health consciously. Learn to listen to your body and to trust what it tells you. Learn how to take care of your body properly and what you can do yourself if you feel something is not right. See the effect that this has on your health and how easily you can regenerate. You will feel renewed. And the effect this has on your state of mind is not to be underestimated!

What Is Fertility Coaching?

Who Is It For?

The Your Natural Fertility coaching program helps you to regenerate your body and activate your reproductive functions in a natural way. This means that instead of circumventing a problem or cutting it out, the root cause is addressed and neutralized.

The benefit is that this is a real and lasting solution not only helping you to get pregnant once, but also repeatedly in the future.

Through resolving your health issues you will also benefit from feeling much better all around. Restoring your body’s natural reproductive functions will give you a better chance of giving birth to a healthy baby than IVF or hormone treatments. Still, the coaching program does not guarantee success, but it will greatly increase your chances of conception and giving birth.

This coaching program is for couples who want to get pregnant naturally, whether you're just starting or you already had medical treatments. Whether you're fully healthy or have a diagnosed condition.

It is for anyone who wants to do something good for her health and revitalize his reproductive functions.

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