Your Natural Fertility

"At Your Natural Fertility,
We intend to help couples to conceive naturally by empowering them to activate their own resources of body, mind and soul."

At YOUR NATURAL FERTILITY, we believe that everything is connected. Having challenges to conceive is not something which happens to you randomly – even if it might seem so. Instead, it is caused by certain aspects of the way we live. If your life situation has no space for children – even if you really want to have children – your body protects itself by disabling this functionality. The good thing is that this means with the right strategy, you can turn this around and significantly increase your chances of conceiving – and feel much better while you’re at it.

At Your Natural Fertility, we also believe that you actually have everything you need to employ this strategy and it is our intention to empower you to activate these resources you already have.

In 2014, my wife started helping other couples to do what we did: take back control over our lives (yes, our lives controlled us!) and our health and create that space for children in our lives. This is when she started her practice “Villa Annaberg” with my support.

Following my vision of a world in which people are empowered to make their own educated decisions about their health, enabling them to conceive naturally and raise beautiful children, now I have started to offer our natural fertility program as an online coaching program with the intention to help even more people to conceive naturally.

Natural conception is one of the keys to having healthy, independent and loving children.

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